Could this be your chance to step in and be part of something bigger than you've imagined?

A successful CEO of a leading healthcare company in Arizona is retiring.
A healthcare Chief Executive position is available at a company that knows healthcare delivery so well that it provides free healthcare for every employee and their family.
Do you believe that healthcare can (and ought to be) done differently and better?
Do you think you're the one to lead a team that is already successful and shaking things up in healthcare?
Are you up for a unique and rewarding challenge in healthcare that doesn't have you working for a hospital or insurance company?

Arrowhead Health Centers (AHC – in Phoenix, Arizona is preparing for a transition – and we’re looking for a chief executive who can maintain our momentum and lead the charge into the future.

If you’re the one, then you will operate as CEO and report directly to the founder and the company’s Board of Directors. Your start date could be anytime from Sept 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017, with the outgoing CEO willing to assist and be a resource as needed.

We’re looking for a track record of leadership and execution success in one or more businesses. Success in the healthcare industry would be a plus, but we’re open to the right leader having no direct healthcare experience. The way we see it, everyone has some healthcare experience, even if it’s in the role of patient, consumer, caregiver, or physician – just so long as you can imagine how much better your experience should have been. And it’s a must that you want to lead a team that already considers world-class customer experience as the most important differentiator. This could be an ideal role for a physician leader desiring to put his or her MBA or MHA training to work at a new level.

The ideal candidate for CEO should be excited by the prospect of leading and transforming a high-functioning healthcare company. We believe that this position will resonate with an executive that is comfortable overseeing a staff of over 175 with 4 -7 direct reports at the senior management level and 20 – 50 physicians and/or practitioners. The chief executive would be comfortable directing a company with gross revenues of $25 million growing to $50 million via superb operational execution, transformation to value-based payment structures (population health) and clinic expansion. 

You’d need to be comfortable learning, designing and executing growth through new services and facility expansion and in the “new” economy focusing on new marketing reach, innovative social media techniques and consideration or utilization of disruptive business strategies. 


Most Important Roles of Arrowhead Health Centers' CEO


  1. Leadership and development of physicians, allied practitioners and senior management. The existing provider and senior management teams are strong and ambitious for continual individual, team and company improvement. They will certainly demand the same from their CEO.
  2. Execution of the strategic plan for existing fee-for-service business lines which include services in AHC’s two ambulatory surgical centers.
  3. Execution of the strategic plan for transition from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based (population health) payer relationships.
  4. Leadership of the company through beta testing, development and nationwide expansion of its sister company, Redirect Health (RDH – RDH is a profitable start-up in its 3rd year that designs and builds employer health plans using a self-insurance model. RDH then optimizes that employer health plan (with the help of AHC) so that the savings of money, time and hassle is redirected back to the employer and the employees. It is a fierce targeting of the cost of waste and administration that frees up the funds that are returned. Exciting by-products of doing this well are happy employers who see healthcare costs go down, employee healthcare experiences that go to a concierge level, ease of employee retention and recruiting, decreased work comp costs, decreased absenteeism, and more. RDH is AHC’s most profitable service line already.
  5. Leveraging AHC’s story of “knowing healthcare so well that of course we can provide it for free to all our employees and their families” – hence the title of this letter. Particularly, this story is used for easier and less costly recruiting, retention, community relations and public relations. And we always have very many of the best people to pick from.
  6. Strategic planning assistance in conjunction with the AHC and RDH Boards.


About Arrowhead Health Centers


The company was founded in 1997 by Drs. Janice Johnston and David Berg after they moved to Arizona from Toronto Canada. AHC combines the best of both Canadian and American healthcare and is one of the most profitable in its sector. Being an integrated network of comprehensive multi-specialty Patient-Centered Medical Homes (NCQA Level 3) that is privately owned, likely makes AHC the largest and most successful company in its class by most objective measurements.

To get an in depth understanding of how AHC is different, and what it’s like to work here, read through the free “Put People First & People Get Healthy – The Arrowhead Health Centers Story Book”.

Working with our founders and Board, and recognizing that we have a unique work-place culture which must be maintained is vitally important. All while we plan and execute the transformation. We are looking for an executive that can work with our Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan of execution to facilitate the growth and transformation of the company.

This is a rare opportunity for an unique executive. If you are considering this CEO position, we expect that you have probably not been actively seeking a change, but do recognize the opportunity to be part of something that is making important impact in healthcare delivery today.  We assume that you thrive on challenge and your engagement would encompass all of your leadership and management skills – strategic planning, teamwork, designing execution plans and mindful leadership. Personnel development including your ability to work with a young energetic existing operating team would be expected. We’d be assuming that you are driven by passion and envision yourself partnering with like minded leaders – that you feel the excitement that purpose driven change can bring. That you thrive on achievement is a given.

Thank you for your interest.



David Berg, Co-Founder of Arrowhead Health Centers


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