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Frequently Asked Questions

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Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
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Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
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Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits






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Hi there, Dr. Janice Johnston, your medical director at Arrowhead Health Centers here. My team and I really enjoy taking care of you, and being your doctors’ office. And we hope we’ve served you well and make getting care a little easier. Ok, so if you’re like my mom, you probably have questions about your Medicare options. That’s why we built this page. We want you to know that you have options that make it easy for you to continue seeing us.

We appreciate you choosing Arrowhead Health Centers for your healthcare needs and look forward to continuing to serve you!

Do I have to renew my Medicare plan during open enrollment?

Unless you take action during Medicare Open Enrollment (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7), your current Medicare coverage will renew for the following year. Remember, it’s important to make sure you have the right plan for you.

Sticking with the status quo may not be in your best interest, even if you’ve been happy with your coverage. Speaking with an expert is the best way to feel confident about your Medicare plan.

Has your current plan made changes for the upcoming year?

Plans may change in the following areas:

Provider network. Are your doctors in the plan’s provider network?

Cost sharing. Will your copays, coinsurance or deductible change?

Medication list. Are the medications you take on the list of covered drugs (formulary)?

Pharmacy network. Can you continue to use the pharmacies you prefer?

It's important to make sure that you know about any changes that are happening to your plan,so you can make sure you have the right plan for you.

Can I still visit Arrowhead Health Centers?

There are several Medicare Advantage plans we will definitely be on. Stay tuned as we may add more. There may be a plan you're on currently that we will not take in 2020, but don't worry, it will be easy to switch.

•  Bright Health through ACN
•  United Healthcare through Optum Network

(623) 900-6650

(Speak with an expert)

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